Hussain Poster
Hussain Poster
Hussain Poster
Hussain Poster

Hussain Poster

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Recurring Charity - Sadaqa Jariya 

Hussain (as) gave everything he had and teaches us how to give back.

During the next 3 days, Maraseel is accepting pre-orders on this impeccable piece of art of Arabic Calligraphy (one of a kind) Hussain poster. 

⚪️ 100 PERCENT! Of ALL profits will go to The Amity Foundation @theamityfoundation to help build their next well as a recurring charity (Sadaqa Jariya) on behalf of the legacy and memory of Imam Hussain. 

⚪️ Deadline to preorder THIS FRIDAY 7. 21. 2023 - 12PM 

⚪️ Choose from black or white background

⚪️ Receive a pickup notification before Friday of next week (Ashura Day) and get your piece of Hussain Calligraphy Art

🤍 Participate in the greatest obligation and responsibility: Sadaqa Jariya on behalf of the Prophet’s Progeny through Imam Hussain (as) 


What else can I do?

If you do not wish to order a poster for your family, you can take part of the ajer by spreading the word, sharing the news, or even gifting this piece of art to a local mosque to fundraise on the behalf of Imam Hussain.