#64 Zeina’s Tribute
#64 Zeina’s Tribute

#64 Zeina’s Tribute

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🏔️🌨️ Zeina's Tribute 🌨️🏔️

In honor of Zeina's beloved uncle, we present a heartfelt card that speaks of profound love in times of immense grief. Our "Zeina's Tribute" Maraseel Card is a touching portrayal of emotions captured in a single piece of art.

The card features a majestic mountain scene, symbolizing life's peaks and valleys, with gentle snowflakes drifting softly, illustrating the stages of grief through varying shades of blue. It's a testament to the depth of emotions experienced during these challenging moments.

The Story
Inside, the card carries the powerful words of "al Fatiha" from the Quran, offering blessings and solace during this time of sorrow. "The deeper the grief, the greater the love" on both flaps of the card, encapsulates the love and memories that persist even in loss.

The Maraseel Experience
More than just a card, Maraseel cards are a cherished gift—a profound expression of love and condolences. In these challenging times, a kind note can provide comfort like no other. You can enhance this heartfelt gesture by opting for our beautifully hand-poured and stamped wax seal, or leave it open to add your personal touch and sentiments.


What They Say

Our clients cherish their Maraseel Cards. They connect to them deeply as they are a piece of art that speak their story. Share your love, offer solace, and express condolences with "Zeina's Tribute" Maraseel Card. It's a gift of love and remembrance that speaks volumes and watch the person who receives it frame it! or save it as their precious keepsake, we promise!