Maraseel's April Monthly Digest

Hello April!

You're likely here to get an idea of what important holidays and events are going on this month and that's exactly why I created this digest. So, let's get to it.

The month of renewal and rebirth, April holds with it hope and growth. Hang in there as everything will get better.

Remember, April showers bring May flowers.


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Speaking of growth, I'd love to share some news with you all. You can now follow my new Instagram account @teachreprenuer. This new account aims to share my journey from teacher to entrepreneur with everyone and inspire people to believe that their skills can go a long way in building a business.

Also, with the growth of Maraseel, we're currently looking to hire a part time virtual assistant. If you, or anyone you know, are interested send an email to

April 2023 Calendar

1st: April Fool's Day

2nd: Palm Sunday

7th: Good Friday

9th: Easter Sunday & First Night of Power

10th: National Siblings Day

11th: Second Night of Power

13th: Third Night of Power

15th: Husband Appreciation Day

22nd: Eid Al-Fitr & Earth Day


Other Events in April

National Poetry Month

Stress Awareness Month

The first week is Library Week


Ramadan and Eid

Check out our Ramadan cards and Packaging for this blessed month. Also, get ahead of the game and ask about our Eid Al-Fitr collection to buy your loved ones an expression of love and joy for this special celebration. Just like the Ramadan Collection, the Eid Cards will be a HIT! 

Let's plan ahead if you want something customized for Eid, for your business, or wedding! Here to turn your ideas into timeless memories.

Bhebkon Ktir - Love you,



Farah Bazzi founder and creative director of Maraseel Cards