Maraseel’s March Monthly Digest

You Made It! Glad You're Here  

I've taken the time to set up this page just for you. Life has been overwhelming lately, and all of us have so much going on. If anyone understands that, it's me.

This monthly digest idea stems from my understanding of how important it is for us to spread love and kindness in an overstimulated world. Get a glimpse of what's to come and get a jump start on all upcoming occasions.


From Maraseel’s 2023 Calendar for the Month of March 


March is Maraseel's birthday month! 🎂

It's such an exciting time for me because Maraseel is my fourth child. I've been proudly watching it grow and have so much in store for you all in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Be sure to check out a personal blog post dropping on the 10th.


In the wake of the devastating earthquake in the Middle East, our heart goes out to all those who've lost loved ones and their homes. A percentage of our March profits will go to the Amity Foundation Relief Campaign in Turkey and Syria. Check out their website:  

Did You Know March is a month to celebrate:

  • National Women's History
  • Crafts
  • Social Workers


So if you're looking to celebrate a special someone, head on over to our greeting cards selection and customize something to your liking.


March Holiday Calendar:

10th: Maraseel's Birthday

17th: St. Patrick's Day

20th: Earth Day

21st: First Day of Spring/Arabic Mother's Day

22nd/23rd: Start of Ramadan

Feel free to save or print the image below and refer to it this month! Full digital calendar is at




Greeting Cards:

Ramadan Greeting Card Collection will be released before mid-March so definitely keep checking in!

New Card Released in Celebration of World Hijab Day: Congrats on your Hijab!

Business Stationery:

We are excited to announce that we will be selling Ramadan Packaging Stationery for your business this Ramadan season! Keep an eye on our Ramadan Packaging Page at:




Weddings and Special Occasions:

One of our greatest prides is in custom designing wedding invitations and stationery that reflects your own love story! We use timeless techniques such as foiling, letterpress, and embossing to leave your guests with a lifelong impression - Book us at:  consultation.


Have you seen our digital invitations and teasers?

No one does it like we do —> Invitation Video

And last but not least:

Want to get a head start on celebrating your mama?

Forward this to your mom now or on International Mother's Day March 21 😉