Custom Invitations


This is Farah; Creative Director at Maraseel. Come with me on a short journey to give you an idea of how our Custom Invitation Process is like…

Starting with dream exploration:

The couple and the designer exchange open conversations, which can express how we want our invitees to feel and what we dream of having for our wedding.
Fun elements in this phase include: mood boards, color palettes, and visual inspirations from nature, architecture, and art.

Next, bringing our dreams to life:
Using our first draft we turn our conversations into clear illustrations and sketches that lead us to the beginning of the couple’s love story. Feedback, open communication and discussion bring the best out of this experience. We make stationery recommendations based on your wedding needs and what you want to remember from your big day.

Finally, the love card and invitation journey comes to an end (or maybe it is just the beginning). Final notes are given for the added touches to bring dreams to a perfect reality.

Our design journey is expressed in a one of a kind invitation which reflects harmony, attention to detail, and the couple’s love story.

There is nothing that I love more than seeing the couple’s reaction (and yes especially the bride :) ) after we bring their vision to life. Such moments make our Design Craft priceless and worth every single moment.

Let’s create the keepsake for your beginning!

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