Mother’s Day Card Set

Mother’s Day Card Set

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Introducing our exclusive Mother's Day Collection Bundle! Experience the essence of storytelling with our carefully curated selection of four magnificent cards from the Mother's Day Collection, all bundled up for your delight. Choose your favorites or let us surprise you with our designer picks. Indulge in a luxurious blend of artistic expression and heartfelt narratives with:


- Buy 4 Cards that Tell a Story and Receive All Extra Embellishments for free for a full experience!


- 4 Complementary Wax Seal Stickers

- 4 Vintage Stamps

- Impeccably Hand Crafted Packaging

Our cards beautifully recount the inspiring stories of resilient minority women—dreamers and achievers. Delve into their everyday lives, showcasing their perseverance and aspirations to reach new heights.

Adorned with intricate Arabic calligraphy and art pieces, these cards are not just messages but cherished keepsakes, often framed by those fortunate enough to receive them.